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Latest Obsession & Giveaways!

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If you walk around the Outdoor Bunker office in Fargo, ND there are a few things you are guaranteed to see and/or hear. The first thing you will notice is product...EVERYWHERE! Some just came in, some is being written about, and some are products we hope to bring to the site. The second thing you will notice is laughter. What's work without a little bit of fun, right? The third thing is paracord consisting of all of the types, sizes and colors we offer. It's common place around here that if you have a few spare minutes in the day you try out a new weave for a bracelet or key chain, a new wrap for a water bottle or flashlight, or come up with a way to use paracord that is completely outside of the box!

This weeks blog is on what I have been messing around with all week - 95 cord.

Yes I know 550 is the most commonly used cord, and don't get me wrong - it's great! However, I personally have smaller wrists, and bracelets made out of 550 cord (especially some of the more intricate weaves) tend to be a bit bulky on my wrist. Enter, 95 cord! 

This first bracelet is the cobra weave you know and love. But with smaller cord you can wear more than one at a time! There hasn't been a day in the past few weeks that I haven't had multiple bracelets on. 

This next bracelet is a very slight variation on the cobra weave. The trick to get this look is to pull one side tighter than the other.

My personal favorite is the Cobra Belly Bar. Such a fun weave that can be edgy or elegant - the choice is yours!

The Infinity Cobra is a unique version of the traditional cobra weave. The bracelet actually separates into two halves so you can mix and match them if you'd like.

And of course, I can't forget about the Fishtail weave! Perfect for getting a softer, more elegant look.

Like, Comment and Share this blog by Thursday, September 8th for your chance to win one of the six featured bracelets! Three people who share the blog will be randomly selected, and three people who comment on the blog will be randomly selected to win the bracelets! Ready, set, GO!

P.S.- Check out our sister site to find video tutorials and pictorials on all of the weaves that were mentioned in this blog!

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