Why I Love Creations (And You Should, Too!)

Why I Love Creations (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Emily on 7th Jul 2016

Paracord Creations

Creations, creations, creations! ODB has a wide variety of creations available - and if you can't already tell, they're my favorite things on the site! Really, you can't blame me where there are so many cool options to choose from. From headbands and bracelets, to fishing stringers and dog leashes, I use creations all the time!

I'm an outdoor loving, sports fanatic so there are a few things I use on a daily basis. The first is a headband! There are colors to match any outfit, and yes ladies, these ones actually stay in your hair!

Paracord Headband

They are made of 550 paracord, meaning they are durable, dry fast and are UV resistant among other things. I've worn mine in the lake time and time again - it always dries quickly, and the colors are just as vibrant as the day I got it!

Paracord Basketball Net

The second thing is my paracord basketball net. I love shooting on my own, playing a game of 3 on 3 or HORSE with friends, pretty much anything.Because my net is made of glow-in-the-dark 550 paracord, not only is it mold, mildew, rot, and UV resistant, but it also allows my friends and I to play into the night! Everyone knows you can't stop a tie game just because it got dark out!

The next thing is Champion's leash! Champion is my puppy, and like most puppies, his energy level is through the roof! Getting a paracord leash was definitely the best decision I could have made!

Paracord Leash

He can pull as much as he wants and I don't have to worry about the leash breaking, I can run him in the rain without worrying about how long it is going to take the leash to dry, and with it being mold, mildew, rot, and UV resistant I know it's going to last a very long time.

Of course, there are tons of other creations that I use as well, like keychains, bracelets, fishing stringers and sunglass strap out at the lake, jump rope, my gun sling during hunting season, the list goes on an on!

Paracord Bracelets Paracord Fishing Stringer

Paracord Sunglass StrapParacord JumpropeParacord Key Chains

Do you have any favorite creations? Do you have an idea for a creation that you think we should make? Share! Share! Share! I'd love to see pictures and get suggestions! As always, reach us on Facebook, Twitter or comment on the blog post!



P.S.- Don't forget, you can always custom order any of our creations to get the exact colors and/or weaves that you desire!