Wire Shock Cord Hooks - 10 Pcs

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Elastic Shock Cord Hooks

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Outdoor Bunker Wire Bungee Cord Hooks work great with bungee cords, shock cords, and elastic ropes or cording. There isn't a limit on how much cording you can use with the hooks, and you can put a hook on either both sides of the cord or one depending on the project. These hooks are able to secure ropes, wires, and more by wrapping the cord around the items and securing the hooks together. You can also hold items on vehicles or watercraft as well as holding other items onto backpacks, bags, canopies, or tents. Take the hooks with you on hiking, camping, hunting, or other outdoor trips to use as a useful tool. Plastic coating creates a barrier that protects them from different weather conditions and makes them stronger and more durable than other hooks.

Sizes and Shock Cords:

  • 1/4-inch hook fits 3/16-inch shock cord
  • 5/16-inch hook fits 5/16-inch shock cord
  • 3/8-inch hook fits 5/16-inch shock cord
  • 1/2-inch hook fits 1/2-inch shock cord