Square Hot Knife - Gray

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Square Hot Knife - Gray

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This unique Golberg Hot Knife Rope Cutter is a perfect solution for your rope cutting needs. The Golberg-exclusive blade position on the side of the tool provides an easy and quick experience for any project that you may be working on. Rope, webbing, belting, ribbon, and more will glide smoothly through the blade, leaving you with a sealed, perfect cut every time. The blade heats up to a temperature of 930 Degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds, which means that you won't waste any time waiting for the blade to heat up. Mount this tool using the provided bench mounts for a safe and hands-free use each time. This is a great tool for home and business use, and is particularly popular with crafters, artists, climbers, sailors and other sporting enthusiasts.


When properly used, the GOLBERG Electric Rope Cutter is a safe and convenient tool. It can be bench mounted, to increase safety. Super-fast heating time saves energy, turn off when not in use. The blade is easily removed for cleaning. With average daily use, the blade will typically last over 2 years.


- Voltage: 100-120V

- Power: 100W

- Temperature of Blade: 0-932 Degrees Fahrenheit

- Blade Size: 2 in

- Power Cord Length: 3.93 ft

- Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.75 x 4.25 in

- Weight: 2.42 lb - Kit Includes: Tool, Allen Wrench, Wire Brush, Blade, and Power Cord