Side Release Handcuff Key Buckle - Black 5/8"

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Side Release Handcuff Key Buckle - Black 5/8"

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You may never know when or if it comes in handy to have a handcuff key subtlety hidden on you. These buckles could very well come in handy if you are ever illegally restrained by hand cuffs. These unique buckles may be great to show to your friends and family to show just how useful they can be in survival situations when you use them as buckles for a survival Paracord bracelet.

  •  Black buckle with 5/8" webbing

  • Side release buckle for easy one handed buckling & unbuckling

  • Re-useable plastic hand cuff key, can be snapped back in place after use

  • Great addition to any survival Paracord bracelet

  • Made of heavy duty material