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Paracord & Buckles Combo Kit - Scouting

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Paracord & Buckles Combo Kit - Scouting

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Paracord & Buckles Combo Kit - Scouting

This combo kit from Paracord Planet includes twenty 10' hanks of 550 paracord and twenty paracord buckles.
These exclusive kits are perfect for getting started on new paracord projects, or for the indecisive customer who wants a variety of paracord colors and buckles. These kits are put together by Paracord Planet color experts to ensure stylish color matching.

**If colors in this kit are out of stock, they will be substituted with an equally awesome and complimenting color of 550 cord.**

Paracord colors included in this kit:

    • ACU Digital Foliage
    • Brown Camo


  • Camo Pattern

  • Copperhead

  • Dark Digital

  • Arid

  • Canada Camo

  • Desert Foliage

  • Desert Camo

  • Fall Camo

  • Hidden Camo

  • M Camo

  • Multicamo

  • Urban Camo

  • Woodland Camo

  • Olive Drab

  • Black

  • Tan

  • Touch of Gray

  • Walnut

Buckle colors included in this kit:


    • 5 X Black
    • 3 X Brown


  • 3 X Gray

  • 5 X Army Green

  • 4 X Tan