Neon Green - Quick Lace Kit

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Quick Lace Kit - Neon Green

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Looking to replace your old broken set of shoes laces or simply upgrade? Look no further as Quick Laces offer what you need and more! Enjoy the comfort of the stretch fit as your shoes will mold to your feet. Be happy saving time as you no longer have to tie your shoes as you can quickly slip them on. No more worries of tripping over your own shoe laces as our Quick Lace design solves all those problems. Quick Laces are great for athletes, but you don‹'t have to be an athlete to find use for them as they‹'re great for age groups of young children to seniors. We offer a variety of different colors to help match them to your shoes. Start having more comfortable feet and buy today!

What‹'s included?
- Two 48‹" elastic stretch cords
- Two cord lock toggle stoppers
- Two cord lock ends
- Colorful step-by-step instruction for easy assembly

Quick Lace Benefits:
- Increased safety with no more loose or untied shoe laces
- Increase comfort as the elastic laces help your shoe form to your feet
- Makes putting your shoes on quick & easy
- Variety of color options to make your shoes unique & sleek
- Easily adjusts to desired comfort level
- Designed to fit a wide variety of different shoes