Ladder Winders - Multiple Colors

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Ladder Winder - Black

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Ladder winder rope organizer tool prevents tangles, knots, recoils & kinks for multiple cords/ropes.  This tool is great for home improvement projects.

  • Removes Twisted & Tangled Lines
  • Built-in Handle Makes it Easy to Coil Rope, Cord, String or Yarn
  • Tough, Flexible & Heat Resistant Plastic Structure that Floats
  • Includes Easy-to-Use Cord Hook
  • Works for any Rope, Cord, Cable, Wire, Line or Even Christmas Lights

Never spend your time untangling lines and ropes again! This classic style winder makes it easy to wind and organize your extension cords, electronic wires, clotheslines, and Holiday lights. This makes for an essential tool in any shop or garage. This line-winder also works great for boat recreation as well! Neatly stow away your anchor lines, mooring lines, ski ropes tube lines, and tow ropes. This Paracord Planet tool is constructed of a high impact polypropylene plastic and engineered with you in mind, with a rugged built-in carry handle extra long service.