Hot Cutter Tool - Red

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Hot Cutter Tool - Red

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This Handheld Electric Hot Rope-Cutting Tool is the perfect solution for your rope and fabric cutting needs. Tool kit includes: body, 6cm blade, small spanner, wire brush, and plastic tool box. The lightweight tool glides through fabric in seconds and mends fabric along the way; providing a clean cut every time. Spring-loaded trigger and adjustable power controls make for easy and controlled use. This high-quality tool heats up to 550° F in seconds and can cut a variety of fabrics including: mooring rope, flat woven material, sail cloth, awnings, filter cloth, clothing, banners, silk, and more. Best used on mooring rope (within 2cm), sail cloth, awnings, and filter cloth. 3m power cord provides convenient access to any location for your crafting needs. Use the provided wire brush to clean excess residue off the blade after repeated use.



  • Power: 1000V Max
  • Weight: 390g
  • Max Blade Temperature: 550°C
  • Power Source: Standard 120V, 60W power