Gold Brass Spacer with Rhinestone

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Gold Brass Spacer with Rhinestone

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Brass Spacers with Rhinestone Accents

Looking for some sparkle and dazzle to your jewelry, crafts, or paracord projects? Try the brass spacers with the rhinestone accents for your next project. With a grade "A" brass and various colors to choose from, you can add some sparkle to your bracelet, necklace, or any crafted item to make it stand out. The rhinestone gives off a nice reflection in lighted environments that will draw attention to them. With a 5.5 mm hole, you can easily fit most cords and chains. Use them to space out your beads and add a creative look, add them to your bracelet or necklaces to stand out, or use them for home decoration. Choose from a variety of colors in different pack sizes so you are prepared for your next project.

  • Diameter: 10mm, Thickness: 4mm
  • Hole Size: Approximately 5.5 mm (Easily fits one strand of #550 Cord)
  • Sparkling rhinestones add reflection and flash to any of your jewelry or paracord projects
  • Great for bracelet designs, necklaces, friendship charms, decoration, and much more!!
  • Lightweight and available in a variety of colors