Time for Change - Pun Intended

Time for Change - Pun Intended

Posted by Emily on 2nd Jun 2016

Since the inception of humankind on earth, the human race has sought after ways to keep time. Much improved from the Cave Man days, there are a wide variety of wrist watches available today.

Wooden Watch

Plastic, quartz and a variety of metals are the typical materials used to make watches these days. However, an emerging trend is the use of wood and bamboo. A mixture of classic details and today’s technology, a wooden watch is a normal watch in all its glory – just made of wood.

It’s time to look past the “shiny objects” and take a good look at wooden watches.

Wooden Watch


I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves why. You might have a watch or two you love, or not wear a watch at all - so why even consider a wooden or bamboo watch?

To start, watches and other accessories along with clothing are a way of expressing oneself. Yes, ladies tend to accessorize more than men, but everyone expresses themselves in their own way. Whether your typical wardrobe is composed of jeans and t-shirts, business clothes, or 3-piece suits; a wooden watch goes with them all.

Traveling off the beaten path

A unique quality of wooden watches is that instead of becoming tattered and worn with use and age, they actually look better. Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike most things we buy in life that depreciate over time– wooden watches are classic pieces that gain character over time. The color may change ever so slightly, they can become more comfortable unlike metal bands, and they are unique to you.

Yes, someone else in the world is bound to have the same watch as you. But over time, the natural oils in your skin add character (and not the kind of “character” people describe their junk as having on an online garage sale type site), making your watch unique to you.

Wooden Watch

A testament to those who wear them

That being said, wooden and bamboo watches are more than just accessories. Not only is it unique to the person who wears it, useful and economical; they are also eco-friendly.
Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. Along with wood, is bamboo. Yes, bamboo is technically a grass, but we put it in with the wood category because to make a bamboo watch, you take carefully sanded strips of bamboo and glue them together creating what looks like a piece of wood. Then those smaller wood-like pieces are glued together to create the face of the watch.

Like wood, bamboo is a renewable resource. It is a plant that grows up to one meter per day, does not require any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides – and is largely immune to disease and pests. You can also plant bamboo in soil that is typically not useful for something else (like eroded soil or unproductive land).

Bamboo Watch

Long story short

Visually speaking, wooden and bamboo watches are sleek and unique, they go with virtually everything, you get the same core features as a plastic or metal watch, and they are environmentally friendly.

Wooden Watch

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Hope you enjoyed!