Ball Bungee Kits

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Ball Bungee Kits

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Outdoor Bunker Ball Bungee Kits are a perfect item to use in your home or for different outdoor activities. Bring them along on camping, hiking, and hunting trips. They can be used to hold and organize cables, hoses, or other items you may have with you. These Ball Bungee Kits are also great for fixing flags to a pole, tightening projection screens, and tying down tarps, covers, and more. You can reuse this kit over and over again because it is weather proof and has strong durability. Each one is easy to use and carry for multi-functional uses anywhere at any time. Measurements include a 10-foot shock cord with a 1/8-inch diameter. There are also several colors to choose from that are reflective, camo, mixed colors, or solid colors.