550 7 Strand Military Spec Paracord MIL-C-5040H Khaki

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550 7 Strand  Military Spec Paracord MIL-C-5040H Khaki

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Military Spec Cord has an inner core consisting of Seven 3-ply strands providing 21 internal individual strands of Nylon Kernmantle, making it tough & strong, yet lightweight and durable. 550 Paracord has been given a reputation of being the duct tape of the rope world for its dependability and versatility. Type III 7-Strand Mil-Spec Paracord has beat 14 rigorous Scientific tests, has 550 lb. minimum break strength, and elongates at a minimum of 30% stretch. The cord's diameter is approximately 4 mm with a colored identification market strand from the manufacturer. This is a must have cord for any outdoor survival situation or emergency kit. True and Authentic Mil-C-5040H tactical cord is used by NASA, Military, Law/Emergency Response Officials around the planet. Try our Paracord today so you can feel safe & prepared for when you may need it most!