10' Paracord Fishing Stringer - "Trolling"

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10' Paracord Fishing Stringer - "Trolling"

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No fishing tackle box is complete without a fishing stringer! Be prepared for all those fish you are going to catch on your fishing adventures. We proudly assemble our fishing stringers right here in the USA to provide reliability and dependability. The threading spike needle has a blunted sharp edge allowing for it to be shoved into the ground along a shore or to string through the fish with ease. These fishing stringers were designed to be great for river fishing, shore fishing, and even wade or shallow water fishing. Fishing from a boat with no live well? No problem! We provide a good amount of cord allowing you to tie off the stringer to your boat. Unlike metal fishing stringers, you won‹'t have to worry about the noise of the metal hitting the boat making noise & scaring fish away. (Not to mention scratching your boat.) 

Fish Stringer Specs

  • 10 Feet of removable inner 7 strand core of 550 LB tensile strength Paracord from Paracord Planet
  • 3-1/2 inches of a threading spike needle
  • Split o-ring that is 1‹" in diameter
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your needs (i.e., bright neon colors for easy spotting)

**Additional Tip!! Internal Removable inner 7 strand core can be removed & treated as fishing line in survival situations if necessary