10" Compact Pro Jig with 3/8" Buckles

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10" Compact Pro Jig with 3/8" Buckles

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10" Compact Pro Jig with 3/8" Buckles This Compact Pro Jig definitely will help you make your customized paracord bracelets to perfection. This jig will help hold your project in place so it is easier to make an exceptional braid. Not only will it help keep your bracelet steady, but the etched ruler on the side truly gives you flawless measurements. Not every wrist is the same size, the Compact Pro Jig will erase the hassle of keeping your project still while you measure the length. Features Capable of making projects from 1 1/4" to 10" in length. Comes pre-assembled complete with a large scale precision laser etched ruler3/8" side release buckle already attached The ability to change buckle sizes with a screwdriver