Extra Large Cylinder Cord Lock

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Extra Large Cylinder Cord Lock

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Extra Large Cylinder Cord Locks from Outdoor Bunker are made from strong and durable plastic that won’t easily break. Use to tighten or loosen drawstrings, cords on sportswear, backpacks, and bags, or simply secure items like water bottles onto duffel bags, luggage, and more. Lightweight and small making it easy to bring along anywhere including vacations, home, workplace, or outdoor trips such as hiking and camping. The design is spring loaded providing a simple and easy fastening solution to tightly secure your items. All of the locks come in the color black and have a 6-millimeter hole with a length of 32 millimeters and a width of 18 millimeters. You can choose from different pack sizes to best fit your uses and projects as well. Pack sizes include single, 5, 10, 20.